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Small Domestic Experiences

Yejik at home

Ежик в вашем домеWith many of us in close proximity, there are original and four-band friends. So it turns out that people are willing to share their blood with ropes and tumors, dogs and cats, decorative rodents and ferrets. But will there be a fucking place next to a man - a swinging forest dwellers? Some professionals claim that the cuisine can be contained in household And their neighbours bring a lot of pleasant moments.Наполнитель для клетки ежика You and I prefer to check everything, and we don't believe in the word, so, before we can find a answer to the question, whether the neighbors of the fuck are with us, ask to know about these creatures with a lot of interesting and useful information, and what conditions need to be created for them in your house to make them feel comfortable...

Yojik's in the house.

You and I used to know that the fuckers are forest dwellers, and imagine what they can live next to us in the apartment or in the house is hard for us. However, with the right care, gentleness and care, these bulging creatures can be nice home-loving. Although nature created these animals to live apart from humans, but you and I are exotic and unusual, so it's not surprising that the idea of taking the food into our head.

By the way, where are you going to take this fucking thing? We wouldn't recommend that you take a wild forester in your home, because it could be infected with gelmint eggs or be a vector of peltospirosis, an acute infectious disease with a petal spirit. This inflammation affects liver capillas, kidneys, muscles, intoxication, accompanied by wave-band larvae attacks. All of this "promote" can be a nice fuck you found in the woods or in the park. So,

It's better to buy this animal in a pet store where you can ask the seller not just the origin of this creature (as experience shows, the procreation of home and healthy ears is very fast used to your hands and to the lamb, and it's really handicapped), but also to demand a veterinary conclusion that it's perfectly healthy.

Ежики - маленькие хищники Ежик может стать ручным питомцем

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