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Scholarships Are Interesting Experiences Of Entertainment Self-Extraction

Practical magic

It's supposed to start studying chemistry the best class from seventh grade. Molly, by that age, a schoolgirl has already reached the level of abstract thought necessary to work with a mother who is difficult to understand. Psychologists and teachers may have reason to believe that, but that doesn't mean that starting to wake a researcher in a child can be much sooner.

The chemistry, after all, is not just a table of elements, formulas and endless schemes. It is also the most exciting world of chemical reactions, transformations, practical magic. If it's right to meet chemistry, it'll be interesting not only for children, but also for their parents.

1. Tom Tit. “Scholarly fun: “Interstrial experiences, imperfections, entertainment”

This book is a genre classic. Suffice it to say that her author, France Arthur Hood, who was writing under Tom Tit's alias, was sharing the experience with her son in the nineteenth century. At the same time, he gathered them in three volumes of " Careful science " , which were reissued many times, including in Russia. The current edition of " Scientific Functions " is a short version that includes experience in chemistry, physics, geometry, only 195 grand. The experience with liquids and gases, soap bubbles, heat and light should, in the author ' s thought, bring the child closer to natural sciences and parents to the child. There should be no difficulty with experience, and there's nothing going to explode in the kitchen, but the chemistry is still more reasonable together. Toma Tita can be found, for example, in Labyrinte.

2. Ilya Leenson. Amazing chemistry

The author of this book is a pre-screen of the MOU Chemical Faculty, but the dry academies are better addressed to other sources. There are a wide variety of chemistry that usually stay outside the school curriculum: the history of the greatest discovery, the description of strange, mysterious chemical facts, the stories of bold scientific experiments. Among other things, the author advises how to raise crystals correctly, and also describes the precautions necessary for the exercise of serious chemistry. For the kids, Leenson's book is unlikely to come up, and for the boys of 12 to 15 years, it might just be up.

By the way, Leenson has other chemistry books, such as " Child and Adult Chemistry " , in which the author describes the chemistry that surrounds us every day in the home, and answers the many " why " that we most often do not think about.

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