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Interesting Experience In Physics

Learn physics, experiments, theory, practice, challenges

N1 mystery
One potato cubicmeter weighs about 740 kg (7400 N) and 1,000 kg (10000 N) and even though the potato is sinking in the water. It would seem that potatoes should swim a little over the surface of the water. Why are they drowning?

mystery No. 2
Areometer - Liquid Density Measurement instrument . Please indicate which of the three areometer allegations below is correct;
(1) In order to use the liquid density aerometer on the Moon, it is necessary to extend its scale six times, as the acceleration of gravity on the Moon surface is six times less than on Earth.
(2) You can't use a normal aerometer on the Moon.
(3) The aerometer can be used successfully on the Moon and on any other planet.

mystery No. 3
What's heavier is one ton of wood or one ton of iron?

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