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Interesting Experience With Water

Extensive experience with air and water in the senior group

Занимательные опыты с воздухом и водой в старшей группеVitalia Begday
Extensive experience with air and water in the senior group

Extensive experience with air and water.

Objective and objectives:

Create conditions for children ' s interest in pilot activities;

To familiarize children with certain properties of air and water, to teach them to carry out uncomfortable experiments using handcuffs and objects; to study, analyse, draw conclusions; to develop faculty, mentality, learning interest.

Equipment and materials:

The tables are caged.

Glass Bank 1, 0 l

paper napkins, two grand,

a piece of plastic,

a cup of water.

Glass plug, sealed with thin rubber film (air balloon,

A glass of hot water, a glass of ice.

2 Polliter banks with clean water, 2 cheese eggs,

welded salt, a spoon for smashing.

The glass is 1, 0 l, the glass with hot water, the thin metal lid on the bank,

ice cubes.


1st part of the introduction.

There's a mini-lab. Tables are set for follow-up. Children play, engage in free activities. The teacher wears a hat, a white robe, starts displaying probes and bulbs. He's not commenting on his actions, but it's just that he's interested in the kids, asking them what you're doing. Why are you wearing a robe?

The teacher answers:

♪ I'll be a science officer today, I'll be Lessons learned(Waiting the reactions of the children - and we want, and I'll be there, too)♪ Okay, who wants to be a scientist? (Please wear slippers)

Oh, guys, what's that?

She's always around us,

We don't have to breathe.

It's no smell, no color.

Guess what that is?

Responses of children (air)

Teacher: What's the air for?

Children's answers.

Teacher: Who needs air, do you think?

Teacher: Would you like to know more about the air?

Teacher: Then go to this table, where we have different subjects to study. Guys, what's on the table?

Part 2: Experience.

Experience No. 1.

(The table is empty glass bank, paper wipes, plastic slice, water cup).

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