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Chemical Experience

Binat atid at jewish university: chemical experiences and

Binat Atid attended the University of Jews. This time they had to meet the Givat Ram campus, where they were studying the exact sciences. It was a long and saturated day, like all the days of the study tour of young intellectuals.

The main challenge facing the programme is to familiarize itself with the academic system of education in Israel. The visit to the Givat Ram campus was the first stop on this route.

Early this morning, at the campus gate, the boys met a student at the university, Dr. Boris Larin, who gave them an interesting lecture about the University of Jews, about his history, how university studies are organized, what opportunities are available to students and how to organize his time.
In particular, he said that the first degree took three years, and during the first year students were studying mainly basic subjects.

All nursing students should take compulsory mathematics and physics courses, while other basic subjects - chemistry, biology, computers - are already being studied according to the faculty. Since the second year of study, students can take special courses of choice and start working in laboratories.

All studies are based on this principle: front lectures with professors, classes in small groups with senior students, which help junior students to understand the material and laboratory classes.
Upon completion of the first degree (VA), students can continue their studies at the university to the second degree (AI) and in this case they need to choose their own scientific direction and protect the individual project. Frontal classes give way to specialized courses of choice and fruitful work in laboratories. And after Master's degree, those who want to choose academic stance can go to the postgraduate, protect the dissertation, then make the so-called postdoctorate and eventually get a professorship. The same person who is more involved in practical activities is a direct road to high technology or to start-ups, which are vastly numerous in Israel. There is a Yissum programme in the walls of the University of Jew, which supports university-based start-ups.

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