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Simple Chemical Experience

Different nucleus simple-science is simple experience (digest #17)


Today, at the end:

  • A simple electric motor on the battery;
  • Air ball and -170°C;
  • black sugar;
  • free fall;
  • Cancer solution;
  • Hydrogen fuel.

Some experiences may be dangerous to health. They need to be followed by security equipment.

Below, look at six videos with explanations.

Why is the wire spinning?
The rotation occurs because the wire produces an electrical charge. And that's nothing but an orderly motion of charged particles. Each of them has a magnetic field that rejects their direction. This rejection is called Lorenza's power. The physical language is the power with which the electromagnetic or magnetic field affects the point loaded particle. Lorenza 's power is often a situation where the magnetic field is perpendicular to the speed vector. In this case, power becomes central. details
Why is the balloon air compressed at -170°C
The thermodynamic laws tell us that the pressure, volume and temperature of the gas are interdependent. And with constant pressure (this process is called isobar) dependence is as follows:
I mean, dependence is straight. The more volume, the more temperature. The less temperature, the smaller the volume, etc.
This is due to a change in the distance between molecules, which is the result of a change in particle kinetic energy due to external exposure. details
Why does that happen?
How does that happen, and why does white sugar and transparent liquid form a black solid porous object?
Sugaroza is a disaharide with the C12H22O11 formula. It can be seen that the ratio of H and O atoms is the same as water, two hydrogen per oxygen. Concentrated sulphuric acid absorbs sugar water and the remaining carbon is released as coal.
Like most sulphuric acid reactions, this response is exothermic, i.e. heat release. The water is therefore evaporated and only the dry solid balance remains.

2C12H22O11 + 2H2SO4 = 23C + CO2 + 2SO2 + 24H2O

Why is the ball falling into a trap?
Free fall is a direct movement. The direction is always perpendicular to the plane of the object of gravity. This is planet Earth. And the braces, in particular. Because it lies parallel to the Earth's surface.

So, our balloon, when it's taken away from it, the force of gravity begins to move straight, perpendicular to the lying braces. At that time, each strip point moves round the circumference and lands on the surface of the shifting plan. Having calculated the shift by empirical means, we have our booby trap at this location.

Why are the shells dissolved in acid?
The chemical composition of cancers is natural: 63-94% SSO3 (calcium carbonate), 2-25% SiO2 (sand) and other inclusions of less than 2 per cent. In the water, the fact is that they lived there. What about salt acid?

The sand with salt acid does not react. So the main reaction is the calcium carbonate. Active chlorine releases the acid residue into calcium salts with chloride calcium and volatile carbon acid, which is degraded to water and carbon dioxide. The chemical response is as follows:

SCO3 + HCl CaCl2 + H2O + CO2

The response is exothermic, like most of the reactions of strong acids, so it's quite turbulent. The calcium chloride, the colourless salt of crystals, is dissolved in water, so it is not visualized. The unsolvent particles left in the solution are sand and other inclusions. It's not as much as I can see.

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