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Extensive Chemical Experience

Реакции лекарственных веществ и препаратов бытовой химии (Часть 4)The chlorine limb is used as a disinfectant and as a strong oxidant. 0, 5 g chlorine, cross the porcelain cup with several drops of salt acid. Gaseous chlorine is produced and determined by smell. Interesting studies can be carried out with a chlorine limestone on colour discoloration. To this end, prepare the meds in the water and let her stand. The visual layer. ♪ ♪

Реакции лекарственных веществ и препаратов бытовой химии (Часть 3)It's common knowledge that the iodine solutions, when adding the solution to the edge, take the blue colour. Prepare a diluted aqueous solution of iodine (possible to use Lugol solution) and check the presence of a flour in the cereals of evil plants, in the fruits and vegetables, in leaves, in the nursery and zinc paste, in vegetables. The permanganate of the potassium Permanganate is very strong. ♪

Glycerin Glycerin is used to make mazes, many external leather medics. By 2 ml of 20% sodium hydroxide solution (or potassium) add a few drops of 10 per cent copper sulphate solution before hydroxide copper is planted. Then add glycerin's solution before the sediment dissolves. The copper glycerate solution is engulfed in an intense blue colour. Others have similar reactions. ♪ ♪

The lemon juice is a secret ink in the cup, a little lemon juice that is written on a white sheet or a drawing not visible after drying. It's possible to show the inscription or the drawing. The color is dark brown. The paints are invisible. Many substances, especially crystallogues, change colour when heating. After decompression, the substance is acquired with reference colour. These properties can be used. ♪ ♪

Горение веществ (Часть 4)Flowers from white paper make roses that are sprayed with phenolphthalein solution and slightly dry. The white flower is placed in a glass on the bottom of which a little concentrated ammonia solution is poured and the glass is covered. After a while, the rose is red. If the flower is moved to a glass with concentrated salt acid on the bottom, the rose will be white again. Like... ♪

The " fire-fighting" test is to show a small number of viewers at the table in the interior room. Small boats can be squeezed out of thin vegetation that could hold onto water steady. In the boat, a few barium salts, strontium, potassium, sodium, copper, lithium, etc., are pouring flames in different colours, pouring 2-3 ml of alcohol, setting up small, rigid circles with phytilics. ♪ ♪

Реакции лекарственных веществ и препаратов бытовой химии (Часть 2) Горение веществ (Часть 3)

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