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Interesting Chemical Experience

Russian leonardo

Константин Циолковский. Фото / Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Photo17 September 1857, Constantine Tziolkovsky was born in the village of Ijev Ryazan hyberia in the forest family.

In a 10-year-old age, Kostya got scarlatina and lost hearing. The boy was unable to attend school and had to study on his own. That's how you remember the years of youth by the scientist himself:
"The issues of serious mental consciousness were revealed on reading. When I was 14, I was thinking of reading the arithmetic, and I thought it was clear and understandable. From now on, I've learned that books are a non-white thing, and I'm quite available. I've learned with curiosity and understanding a few father's books in natural and mathematical sciences (the father has been teaching these sciences in taxa class for a while). And I'm attracted to astrolabia, measuring distance to inaccessible objects, removing plans, determining altitude. I'm making a zoomer. With the astrolabi, without leaving the house, I'm determining the distance to the fire clanche. I find 400 cars. Coming and checking. It turns out to be true. So I believed in theoretical knowledge. My father imagined I had technical abilities, and I was sent to Moscow. But what could I do with my deaf? What connection? Without knowledge of life, I was blind to careers and earnings. I got 10 to 15 roubles a month from home. I was drinking some black bread, I didn't even have potatoes and tea. At the same time, he bought books, tubes, mercury, sulphuric acid and other chemical reagents for experience. ♪

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