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Interesting Experience

Interesting experience with collapse

It's not just a sauce and sauce product. If you want it, you can spend the evening entertaining a loving little boy.

The cost is minimum, pleasure and development. Try repeating something from the list below, and you can't see any more, it's gonna be trick-or-treating.

Krichmal, we'll find you!

What do you want? Crychmal, iodine, pie, any food.

Crychmal is a white powder that can be found in the kitchen by virtually every owner. It is also contained in many products we use daily. And it'll help determine if he's found an ordinary yod's stalemate. We'll take a crack, bread, cheese, lemon, cookies, potatoes.

For starters, dissolve the spoon in a glass of water and drop the iodine in there, the fluid will be blue.

Explain to the child that if a drop of iodine meets the edge, it will change its color to blue. Now, with a beer, you're gonna put iodine on a little piece of bread, cheese, other samples prepared and see what's going on.

Yod will change his color on bread, cookies, potatoes. There's no cheese and lemon. There are fruits and vegetables in which the edges are dependent on their ripeness and variety. So, for example, you'll be able to identify in a green banana than in a sang, as well as in apples with a cyslink, it'll be much bigger than in sweets.

Non-Tunitary liquid from the edges

What do you want? One glass of crachmal, half a hundred water.

As we know, non-Nyuton fluid is a substance that changes its viscosity according to its exposure speed. These changes are very interesting to see.

Get a non-Yuthon fluid in household It's very simple, it's enough to mix water and collapse into the right proportion. In order to immediately feel the change, with the child, move your hands with the water. From the beginning, you'll know it's not that easy.

Then take some of the mixtures you've received and try to slap something out of it, remember, she'll be acting like a plastic. But it's worth a second to stop how the mixture turns into liquid and flows from your hands. But if you start to blind again, you'll feel that the material is getting stronger again.

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