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Simple Chemical Home Experiences

порохChemical experience with powder: how the powder explodes!


Smoke, or black, powder is a mixture of potassium selitis (Calium nitrate - KNO3), sulphur (S) and coal (C). It's flammable at about 300 °C. The powder could be blown up. It consists of oxidant (seliter) and reinstater (coal). The serial is also a reinstater, but its primary function is to connect the calium into a solid compound. When the powder burns, there's a reaction:

2KNO3+C+S circle K2S+N2+3CO2,
- which gives a large volume of gaseous substances. The use of gunpowder in a military case involves the use of gunpowder: the gases produced by the explosion and the heat-emitting reactions push the bullet out of the weapon. In the formation of potassium sulphide, it's easy to see by smelling the gun. It smells hydrogen sulphide, a hydrolysis potassium sulphide product.

Растворение стекла в плавиковой кислотеChemical experience with selium:

Effective chemical experience You can do it with a saliva. I'll remind you that sélitres are complex substances - salts of nitrogen acid. In this case, we're gonna need a potassium saliva. Her chemical formula KNO3. On the paper sheet, paint the contour, the drawing (for more effect, let the lines not intersect!) Prepare a concentrated potassium nitrate solution. For information: 20 g KNO3 is dissolved in 15 ml.Горение алюминия в броме Then, by the brush, we'll recharge the paper on the painted contour, without leaving the passes and wires, and we'll dry the paper. Now we need to touch a burning radius of some point on the contour. The same time there will be a scream, which will move slowly on the end of the drawing until it is completely closed. That's happens what: The calium selita is degraded by equation:

2KNO3 circle 2 KNO2 +O2.

Here KNO2 +O2 is the salt of nitrogenic acid. Oxygen-designed paper is glued and burned. For greater impact, experience can be conducted in a dark room.

Chemical experience of glazing in floating acid

Glass dissolved
in floating acid

Химические реакции с выделением дыма! Химические реакциии со свечением! Бихромат аммония Хромат (жёлтый) и бихромат (красны) калия

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