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Light Home Experiences

Little scholars, or eight fun experiences

I remember when I was ten years old, I came to visit my girlfriend. She was given a " South Chemistry " kit for her birthday: there were real glass bulbs, probes and ribs. We felt like real researchers, and fortunately there was no limit to ours, although in fact we were just moving from empty to empty...


A variety of kits of young nerds, astronomy, geologic, microscopes and telescopes are now being sold. But that's how kids get excited about a new toy, so fast they get tired of it. It would therefore be better to start by using manual means. This will not require expensive chemicals. Everyone's at home in hand. Of course. Conduct domestic experiences The lab is young chemist or physics, only under adult supervision.

So get to work!

Diffuse in liquids. We'll need bottles and bottles of different sizes, and wet paints. Put your wrist in any paint you like, clean it up in the "colbe" and watch the flower waves go pretty. Switch the colors by putting the water on the pit. Try dripping paint in hot water, paints the liquid faster. Put a tea bag in the hot water or wet a soluble coffee. Tell the child that this process is called defamation, that is, proliferation.

Soda and lemon juice. A real chemical reaction: Mom furnaces cake and extinguishes soda lemon. Lemon neutralizes the taste of soda. Thorth will be scattered and breathy. But remember how often you allow a child to wrap up the soda at the end of the knife and squeeze lemon on it? You're always afraid of sleeping sodas! So forget the cake and give it to a little scientist. Squeeze more lemon juice in advance. Take the mice, put the soda in there. Let the child pour lemon juice and enjoy the effect.

Vulcan eruption. It's similar experience that can be presented under another sauce. We'll need a 0.5L bottle from Coca-Cola Light and Mentos caramel. The bottle should be in the middle of the race. The Goru may be made of a papierma or plastic. If it's from the Pope Maché, paint the volcano more naturally. Put the caramel in the bottle. There will be an immediate release of the “lava”. If there's no sipping drink under your hand, use the magical soda again and the red wine vinegar (then "lava" can be natural algoried). Another option: soda, water, liquid soap, red powder of any origin, vinegar. And don't forget to respect the safety technique, to jump off as soon as the eruption begins!

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