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diana_korolkova4.jpgOut-of-school education is becoming more popular in Middle Ural. The author of the Legko Learning project, Diane Kingkova, said that in her family, " the school was a diagnosis incompatible with life " .

The school system does not fit in our family ' s way of life in a number of ways: values, format and mode of learning, motivation, etc. We started this process before the oldest daughter went to school. Although she was in high school, she wanted to try. I gave her the opportunity to make her decide to choose more consciously, with a clear understanding of what she chooses. For our school, it's the first experience, and they didn't really know how to organize it. But I am very inspired by the positive direction of school leadership. The Director said openly to me, " For us, this is what he said. Experiment.But let's try. I wonder how we can do it.

Ирина Саломатина нашла альтернативу школеDiane Kingkova conducts a homeworking lesson.

Not everyone has a smooth transition to a home.

When I took the kids out of school in the middle of school, the senior was in eighth grade and the junior in third. The old man was taken because all the strong students left the class, and his son stopped studying at all, while staying one of the strongest students. Nastya took it because she was sick for a long time. Then I realized that the school program could go much faster and more interesting than it was at school. They said different things: good and bad. The most unpleasant remarks I've received from teachers. The hardest part is to agree not to a school, but to separate teachers. My requests not to be set at 8:00 a.m. have always been ignored, one day we were tested at 7:45. Someone was just on the principle. Nikita was hard on this.

For Aleshi Salomatina, the transition to family education has become " voluntary and compulsive " -- in the absence of a correctional school in the city, this was the only alternative to general education. According to his mother, Irina Salomatina, this experience has become very traumatic for them. Because of Aleshi's diagnosis, he had a dislexia, it was clear that he couldn't handle the program, so he pulled that moment as he could. Up to eight years, the boy was dealing with a psychoneurologist. It didn't work. The school was hard, the boy couldn't handle it.

Irina Salomatina found an alternative to school.
diana_korolkova.jpg irina_salomatina2.jpg

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