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imageThis summer I've been given myself for a while, I've sent all my own away from the smoke, and I've decided a little bit of health. It is not simply to sign into the gym and to incinerate " quadrants " for the beach, i.e., to examine some doctors in order to develop a vector for further action so as not to turn into " arrogance " .

All I'm saying is that it's the one most at risk from any “computer” person.
Actually, I don't really like to see doctors, especially the kinds of volunteers from a free city hospital don't wait, but in any feeble polyclinic, the desire to be healthy is still at the stage of studying the playlist for services.image I don't specifically call the names of the nurses, so that you don't cycling the advertising once again; I'll just say that I didn't go to any specialized centres, it was a multi-pronged medical and diagnostic clinic in my town selected solely for the reasons of " near home " . I think there's a place like this in any town.

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Evil began to disturb me in school years, sitting on the second couple of boards, I didn't see very clearly what was written on it. I didn't even look at the "glass" option, I had to do a trick unmarked for all the cunning, but personally, it was so inconvenient... just so... that I haven't done anything about it for a couple of years. It was even worse at the institute, from the far rows of the auditorium, I've been looking somewhere in the ass, and all the information I had to write to the neighbors on the side.

Then there was a car of iron. The rules almost didn't break, tried to drive all the time on signs that... that's right, the images that I've been able to look only in the immediate vicinity. Well, there's all the danger labels, stops and other roadblocks in the back, but look at something on the ligament shield... well, thank you for the signals:

But surprisingly, I've actually seen it pretty good - all the colors, the details and everything. There's a lack of sharpness, and for the most part I've only given, from a distance of meters, I've been reading even the smallest text, and I've seen the peaks on the monitor. As you might have known, in medicine, it's called a spasm of acodation, which, in my case, began to develop especially since the computer came in.

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