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Household leather furniture

The leather furniture is an interior object saying the status and good taste of its owner. In addition to external attractiveness, it is also worth noting the practicality and durability of such furniture (as if it has been produced from quality raw materials).

Уход за кожаной мебелью

But no matter how many leather-furnished savages, she can't take care of herself. And proper care is the long and correct service of such furniture.

There are a few points that should be taken into account before taking care of leather furniture in the home.

Wet level. Leather is a material that is hysteroscopic, so in a room where humidity is less than 65 to 70 per cent, there is a possibility that leather furniture is just going down, so keep such furniture away from batteries and heating equipment;

The skin is elastic material, and elasticity needs to be maintained. Usually, such a service is provided by special masters who can be summoned to the house, but one can try to restore fat layers of skin through the use of certain oils;

The tickle is the enemy of the skin. With the frequent use of soap solutions and tools containing high alkalin levels, there is a risk of raising skin before time;

What rules do you need to remember yourself and tell your loved ones to keep your leather furniture in service for a long time?

Furniture from leather is not recommended, as is furniture from other materials. The leather is inclined to keep stunning stains, and then it won't wipe them off!

Regularly wipe the leather furniture! The experience gained by housewives can be used here, as a solution, to use water with glycerine or plasma white at least once a week;

Watch the furniture. Especially if there's little kids in the house, it won't be a shame to use the Chechol if the leather furniture is purchased by you for a round amount. Spraying the furniture, immediately begin to remove the stain. In addition, the following table may be used to clean the old stains:

Stain typeBy which it can be cleaned up household:
coffee and teavodka or ourthium alcohol;
chocolateGlycerin, soap glycerine;
lipstick, lipstickalcohol;
pen or inkalcohol, lemon acid;
Stain on the skin of lightmilk or egg squirrel

Thus, if the above-mentioned councils are to be followed and serious contamination and incursions are not allowed, the lives of your leather furniture can be extended by means and means.

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