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Biology Home Experience

Safe experience:) home laboratory

How do you get a kid to meet such interesting sciences as chemistry, physics, biology?
To make this acquaintance begin not with the " boring theory " , but from the most interesting point of view,
With real chemical, physical, biological experience?
Answers to this question are looking at competitive work!

And the answer to the question, "Who was the winner of the contest?"
Read right here:)

NABOROM for experiments
Participant Oksana (through the cycle of experience)
Even an unprepared experiment can create
There's a fantastic siege on the table, building a cave.
and grow up in her "stalts" and "stagmites" in a few minutes.
In the glass, get the colored "medus." Detailed description
Experience will not allow the child to be wrong.

Water. How does this world work? My first experience."
Participants from several experiences are encouraged:
Alexeiev Olga and Mama V.A.G.
A set of series, " How is this world built? "
Specially designed, convenient components
I'll let you figure it out on your own.
A simple and understandable instruction does not require reading skills.

A great book of scientific experience, games and experiments
"Biology lesson."
This book describes the fascinating experience that
explain the basic characteristics of water, air, heat,
Lights, magnets and electricity. It's not hard to be with her.
A great experimenter and more than 60 interesting experiences.
Everything you need for experiments is in your hand,
It would not be difficult for them to be housed.

That's the space science. 100 drinks.
Going to Irin and Jurevic Eugenia
This book brings readers into an interesting world of nature and space.
The pages of this book are about scientific discovery,
without which people would not be able to build vehicles and aircraft,
build bridges and high-rise buildings, invent radio and television.
The book details the planets and their satellites,
The galaxy and the universe. The book will tell us why science and what space is.
Interested scientific information is presented in the child-friendly form of " question-response " .
From the pages of this book, the child will receive answers to the 100 most interesting questions.

And the promotional prize is the "Live and His Friends" Disk.
We want to reward:
- Emily's mom.
- Michaela.
- and Olga (air balloon)
A fun cartoon about the adventure of three heroes:
A squirrel is an apple, a lemont and a pearl.
They're great football players and golfers,
almost pirates and five minutes of spidermen,
Young sculptors and prospective movies.
Besides, they're super gay, intellectuals and hearts.
Most importantly, they know what real friendship is!


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