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Household Experience

What can be done with tradescany

Путешествие с домашними растениямиHow to make the silver green

This experience is quite simple: put a zebraid tradex with pester leaves on a darker window to the north, and don't blow the runs with green leaves.

Instead of a beautiful, colorful, silver lining of leaves, you'll get ordinary green. This experience is not useful. Can't we do the opposite? Unfortunately, no. The Green Tradition doesn't make direct sunlight. Her leaves are really pale in the sun, even getting pink spills, but the stripes don't turn. After a while, there's a strong sunlight and a lack of olive leaves dry.

Rapid reproduction

The cut-off tradezcane with two-- three lanes stuck in a wet land or sand gives three or four days of cinder.

The cut of the branch should be removed under the stalk and the lower leaflet. The branch, which was cut to the water, also quickly produces nitheid roots.

The bulb is visible on the roots of the hair, and the roots are the roots.

Growing curtains

Having received a lot of trads from the cheeks, you can put them in long boxes painted with green paint. At the edge of the drawer, put two plans in between them, pull a wire to which, in turn, tie some nails attached to the edge of the drawer. By these ropes, send the trads. They grow up well, forming a green width that can stand in the depth of the room.

In one Leningrad school, tradescan boxes are placed on the stairs. The trads have grown four metres long. They're green cascades hanging down and, like a dense curtain, closing the stairs. It's so beautiful that the students are cautiously walking through this stairwell, fearing to damage the fragility of the tradescany.

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