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5 videos of simple but mature experience

Physics and chemistry are difficult for a large number of schoolchildren who suffer not only from turmoil but also from a total lack of interest. These problems are often interconnected: you don't understand, you miss class, you miss and you don't understand what you're saying because you're not trying to get involved. A minority of physics and chemistry is capable of self-employment, and the talent and soundness of teachers are important to the majority. Yeah, in the seventh grade, you had to learn some laws and formulas, and in the tenth grade, write an endless check. But physics and chemistry are a world of fascinating experiences and experiments, they can help to unleash interest in students and interest in the fuel of the learning process. Slon publishes a collection of busy videos that could help teachers in this case.


This one. Chemical experienceProbably one of the most famous. He is often displayed at the very first chemistry classes in school to be interested in young students, and there is a chance that is mature. The secret to the emergence and rapid growth of the " snakes " is that when heating the mercury (white, like a cable at the beginning of the video), it is rapidly degraded and increased. Warning! If you've found some kind of mercury, there's no need to repeat your home experience: mercury in this harmless form is no less dangerous than in the home grad.

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