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Children ' S Experience And Experiments Poems

Pipollino project


Yagudin Aigul Fanuszone

Petrikova Julia Nikolayevna


IBDU's Romashka Kindergarten. Land

The window has green onion,
The bright sun is bright
The arrows got into a row,
As soldiers of the squad.
They know everything that the bow is useful,
The vitamins are rich,
But it's a bit of a bit of a bit of a burner.
That's not my fault.
From nature, he's like,
Very modest and simple.
Eat all the green onion,
He's a loyal friend!


The project is designed for middle-aged children. In working on the project, children will learn about the role and meaning of the beetle in human life, what vitamins and minerals are contained in the bulb, are convinced that the forehead kills diseased microbes, meets the species and varieties of the bulb that grow in our terrain.

The main method is research, where students independently conduct research experiments, process their results and present them in the form of sketches and photographs. In implementing the project, caregivers use different sources and means of transmitting information.

The project is designed to create a problem, to find a solution through home-grown studies, to develop knowledge of the shelf, to explain how to raise the onions. household♪ Specially selected forms of tuber cultivation are applicable in practice and will help to further learn about the characteristics and characteristics of different natural sites, provide theoretical and practical training for children in new subjects such as environment and biology.


The project aims to broaden and consolidate knowledge of cultural garden plants, how to treat plants, to recognize the importance of vegetables in human activities. All work on the project was carried out in accordance with Federal State Requirements. Many children see their parents laying onions every year, cleaning up and using different purposes in the fall. But never thought about how the onions grow, what conditions are necessary for its growth? What's he doing? In the course of joint activities, the laying of the bow, all children expressed their desire to help, to plant themselves. The idea was to implement the Chipollino Lubrication Project, and to invite children, together with their parents, to plant a bow, to observe how and how fast it would grow into a feather, taking into account that the pero laying could be carried out in a variety of ways.

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