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Extensive Experience And Experiments For Preschools

Business Round Table on " Sensitizing Preschoolers to Experiment "

Children ' s experimentation deserves special attention among the possible means of promoting pre-school research.

Experiment is an activity that enables a child to model in his or her mind a picture of the world based on his or her own observations, responses established by law.
The kids love experimenting. This is because they have visual and visual thinking and experimentation as no other method corresponds to these age characteristics. At pre-school age, this method is the lead and in the first three years it is almost the only way to understand the world. Their roots are experimenting in manipulating objects.

Main value of the experimentation method kindergarten It is that in the experiment:

  • Children are given real insights about the different sides of the object under study, its relationship with other facilities and habitats;
  • The child ' s memory is enriched, his or her thought processes are intensified, as there is a constant need for analysis and synthesis, comparison and classification operations;
  • The child ' s speech is evolving, as it is necessary for the preschool to give an account of the sights, formulate the identified patterns and conclusions;
  • There is an accumulation of a smart reception and operations fund that is considered mental;

Experimental work gives the child an interest in nature research, develops thought operations (analysis, synthesis, classification, synthesis, etc.), stimulates the child ' s learning activity and acquiescence, enhances the perception of educational material on natural phenomena, mathematical knowledge, ethical rules of life in society, etc.

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