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A Picture Of Experiences And Experiments For Children

Children ' s experience with water or whether water can rise upwards

Детские опыты с водойIt rains, drops the first spring drop, pours into a cup of tea or opens a tap in the bathroom... The water flows, runs, drops down. Right?

Imagine a world where the water flows from the bottom up, it seems impossible and the water always flows down.

But always?

We've conducted two experiments to prove the possibility of moving water upwards.

Rain experience with water

Another beautiful experiment.

вода поднимается вверхSix glasses poured water, three of them filled with food paint. You can paint the paints sacrific. Painted red, yellow and blue. On top of the glasses, they put a strip of white tissue so it touches water in every glass and waits.

We were waiting an hour later.

Colour experience

They took the tulip's flower light. Of course it's best to take the white flower, but it didn't. Put him in a glass of water that was added by a food painter. In five blinds, the color changed. So the flower got water. Because of the capillary effect shown in this experience, the possible viability of plants.Детские опыты с водой Just as the canal painter penetrates the tulip petals and the water comes from the roots of the trees to the leaves.

It was interesting and unusual to paint flowers. We've decided to paint chrysanthem, but now different colors.

There's only two hours in the picture of the chrysanthems in the water with the painter. The colours have changed very little. He was very pleased with the flower that turned white into blue.

With one flower, they decided to do an extra experiment. The stem was cut along and put each half in different glasses. I'm surprised half the flower was blue, and the other half was a little hungry.

The water can flow from the bottom up and make miracles!

Reviewed Water experience rises upwards, showing a capillary effect, but it can also be upside down, driven entirely by other forces. Read it in the article.

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