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Interesting Domestic Experiments For Children

Wonder and magic for the whole family: how to create a magic atmosphere with its hands

Modern kids learned to believe in miracles. And the task of adults is to prove to the kids that magic exists. Previous months cannot be better suited to create a fantastic atmosphere. Let's see what kind of man-made miracles and tricks you can celebrate your child without leaving the house.

Snow ball inside

Such glass balls can often be seen in American Christmas movies. There are snowflakes, Santa Claus, reindeer, eggs and cabinets inside the box. The statue is that when you shake the ball, it starts to be surrounded by tiny, artificial snowflakes.

Such a ball would be a great kid's jewelry. You can buy it at the store, but it's much more interesting to do on your own.

You'll need:

A bank with a tight lid (may choose both a regular and a round bank - different forms you find in an interior and a household pet shop)

· polymeric glin for the blade of figure or any ready figure

glazing or artificial snow


· glue

For starters, if you're going to work with a polymer glina, you're gonna be blind, it could be a snowman, a new year's tree, Deed Moros with sleighs, or just a nice house for your whole family. When your mini master is ready, stick it to the top of the bank on the inside. It should also be done if you chose a beloved piece for the ball, the Eiffel Tower, the robot or any other miniature, it must be sure to stay on the lid.

We'll just take a bank, we'll put glitter or artificial snow in it, and then we'll fill the bank with glycerin, we'll damp the inner part of the lid with glue and we'll securely wrap the bank. Ready! Now we turn around and enjoy a wonderful sight!

The bird in the cell is optical illusion.

Optical illusions Not only children, but adults. And the illusions created by their own hands make the child believe that he's a real magician.

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