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8 Major Scientific Experiments For Children

20 very good children's books

20 очень хороших детских книгFactorPublishing a mini-book of wonderful children's books to read the baby before bed. Keep it in your locker rooms so you can always have it in your hand when you want to read something new. We guarantee a lot of pleasure for both children and parents!

Brolick Peter and his friends, Beatrice Potter

First, illustrations. Potter was a great artist, her rabbits, mouses and even jabas - a total demise, and all the landscapes - the real environs of her house in Lakes Kraye, there are tourists in there - to look at the spots on the illustrations to Crolick Peter. Second, the fairy tales themselves are as smart, sacramental and atmospheric as they are for the smallest.

20 очень хороших детских книгPaddington Middle, Michael Bond

It's a classic of English child literature, and the Russian book was only translated into 2005. Paddington's bear arrived in England from Peru and was completely lost, but the traveller picked up Brown's family and did the right thing. The bear gave them a lot of adventures, and we have a lot of nice nights with a book.

" fairy tales of Jiuk and Medveženka " , Sergei Kozlov

Yeah, that's the same Jig in Tuman. The book is a little bit shorter than the atmosphere of the cartoon, but it's still very nice, touchy and, importantly, small, to read for the night.

20 очень хороших детских книгCot in Schlapa, Dr. Suze

The author is the writer who wrote the story about Greench who kidnapped Christmas. The cat in the hat is an unthinkable story in poetry about how a catwalkster comes to visit two missing children and turns everything upside down, and naturally laughs before the parents arrive. This story is an experiment: Dr. Suze wanted to write a story using only 220 of the most common words.

“Papa, Mom, Grandma, eight children and a truck”, Anne-Catrine Westley

There's no silence in the big family, no peace, but it's fun. Even a dad's lorry who's just like everyone else. The West is as popular as Astrid Lindgren.

20 очень хороших детских книгSeventh Princess, Elinor Farjon

Magic realism, soft humor and very living, real heroes - English fairy tales, Elinor Farjon, we don't know very much, although the writer has received the Andersen Prize and in London, every second child knows about it.

Uncle Rimus' stories, Joel Harris

A charming African-American folklore, well-treated by journalist Harris, full of George's hot plantations, the sun on every page, and just fun stories about Brat Crawly and his sworn friends.

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