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Domestic Chemical Experiments Of Children

Chemical experience with finger smoke

дым из пальцевVery effective chemical experience. You can put such a mystic on it... And perhaps knowing this experiment will help in the design of child amateur plays and performances. 'Cause the smoke from the fingers can make every respectable magic and magic!

Okay, let's get started. We'll need:

  • A sleeping box,
  • cool dish,
  • A lighter.

Yeah, yeah, that's all the props! Remove from the match box of chirkash and fold it narrowly down half. We put it on a cool dish and light it up. After the chirkash burns, we'll clean the ashes carefully. We'll see that there's a yellow plane on the surface. That's what we need!

We're going to scatter this chopper between the fingers and it's getting white smoke!

Attention! Combustion and smoke products are poisonous, so try not to inhale the smoke, but after the chemical experience of the Fingers, carefully clean your hands. I think it's going to be extra for the kids to do this trick exclusively under adult care!

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