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Domestic Biological Experience For Children

How to paint live flowers

Summary: Vegetable experience. How to paint live flowers. Domestic experiences for children. Nice experience on biology. Lovely experience with children. Careful biology for the kids.

Как покрасить живые цветы

Through this experiment, a child will be able to observe the movement of water in plants.

You'll need:

- any flowers with white petals (e.g. white nails)
- Water tanks
- food colours of different colours
- The knife.
- water

Work plan:

1. Fill the tanks with water.

2. Add to each of them some sort of food color.

3. Put one flower down, and the other flowers cut the stalks. The legs aren't suitable for this purpose, just a sharp knife. Cut the stalk needs to be searched by 2 centimeters at 45 degrees in warm water. Try to move flowers from water to the paint tank to do so as quickly as possible by burning a thumb with the air, as air-flows in the micropores of the stem are formed to prevent water from flowing freely through the stalk.

4. Put one flower into every painter.

5. Now take that flower you've put aside. Cut his stalk along the center into two parts. Repeat the procedure described in paragraph 3. Then mark one part of the stem in a paint tank, e.g. blue, and the other part of the stem in a coloured receptacle (e.g. red).

6. It's time to wait until the decorated water rises up and paints the petals in different colours. It'll take about 24 hours. At the end of the experiment, don't forget to examine every part of the flower (stebel, leaves, petals) to see the water path.

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