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Photos And Experiments For Children

"little" tricks

фокусы с жидкостямиSummary: Foxes with liquids. Physical and chemical experience with liquids. Surface tension. Liquid density.

Living fish

Cut the fish out of tight paper. In the middle of a fish, round A, which is connected to the tail with a narrow AB channel. You can also take advantage of our status masterpiece, print the fish on the printer, put it on the cardboard and cut the scissors.

Put the fish in the pelvis of water and put the fish on the water so that the bottom side of the fish is all swapped and the top is completely dry. It's convenient to do with a fork, put the fish on the fork, put it on the water carefully, and put the fork down deeper and pull it out.

Now we need to drop in the hole and a big drop of oil. It's best to use a cycling or a sewing machine for this. If there's no mask, you can put a machine or vegetable oil in a pit or a pipe from a cocktail: put the pipe down by one end in oil by 2-3 mm. Then the top end, cover your finger and move the straw to the fish. Keeping the bottom is definitely above the hole, let go of your finger. The oil's out of the hole.

фокусы с жидкостямиIn an attempt to slide on the surface of the water, oil will flow through the AB channel. He won't be allowed to go through the other side. What do you think a fish will do under the oil that comes back? All right, she'll go ahead!

Non-earmarked grains

It's easier to make the object move by pushing it with his hand. Can we make rice grains move without touching them? Do that experience, and you'll know at least one way.


- refrigerated beer bank
- A glass.
- 6 rice grains


1. Put the necessary items on the table.
2. Open the gig and put the beer in the glass.

Begin scientific magic:

1. Explain to the viewers, "I have some rice grains that don't want to go to bed. They're always moving, and they can't stop."
2. Grains in a glass of beer.
3. Wait a few seconds and see what happens.

Note: In lieu of drawing, small-scale naloman spaghetti may be taken. Get them to pieces of 1, 25 cm and put them in the beer.

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