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Experiments For Children 4 5

Fair and interesting: 5 colour experiments for children

Ярко и интересно: 5 цветных экспериментов для детейWhat do you want? The matter is urgent for any parent. On the one hand, it's much easier to put a child in front of a TV or to put a tablet. But if you want your baby to develop, it's best to spend this time on something more useful and exciting. For example, non-chit experiments that will be interesting and plague and to you.

Different colours

Who says there's no pink Roma? They are! If you are to be creative with the child.


What is necessary:

White flowers - 3-4 st.
● glasses 3-4.
:: Water - 4 st.
· Food painter - 3-4 colours


Each of the glasses will fill the water with the painter. The harder the solution is, the better. Two flowers, put in two glasses of different colours, and the rest of you, cut the stalk half to the buoy and put the flower in different glasses, one part in one colour, one in the other. Now it's time to wait, just a few hours. Put glasses with flowers in a bright spot, but not under direct sunlight. The result would surprise a small researcher: the decorated water would begin to climb up the stalk, spreading to leaves.maxresdefault.jpg Wait a few days, and you'll see that the flower's petals are colored. Especially surprisingly, there are flowers that are two different colors.

Cold volcano

The foam volcano is a fascinating spectacle, and the material cost is minimal.

• A plastic bottle of 0, 5 l.
:: Tasim
● 6 per cent (and more) hydrogen conversion - 0, 5 st.
· Dry breezes - 1 l.
warm water - 2 st. l.
∙ dishwasher - about 5 caps
· Food painter - 4-5 caps

Smash the water and the air in a separate receptacle. In the bottle, mix hydrogen, urine, food painter, and then shake the bottle so that the mixture can mix. When you put it in the bottle, you're watching the process. The roads are oxygen, and it reacts with hydrogen and pushes out, filling each soap bubble. The child ' s thinness of the chemical process can be told if he has reached an informed age. And the 4-year-old baby will be just enough to show the magic.

spinning-water-galaxies-interesting-fluid-physics-the-slow-mo-guys-youtube-thumbnail.jpg lava-lamps.jpg

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