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Domestic Microscope Experience

It's been two years since I've been watching a microworld at my house, and a year since I took it to the camera. During that time, he saw his own eyes look like blood cells, chews falling off the butterflies' wings, like the heart of the snail. Of course, much could be learned from textbooks, videos and thematic sites. But there would be no sense of presence, proximity to what is not seen by an unarmed eye. That it's not just words from the book, it's personal experience. The experience that everyone has access to today.

Bow's skin. Increase 1,000x Iodine paint. The picture shows a cellular core.

Bow's skin. Increase 1,000x Azur-eozin paint. There's a venom in the core.

Potatoes. The blue stains are the zurnacle. Increase of 100x Iodine paint.

The tape on the back of the cockroach. Increase 400x

Plum skin. Increase 1,000x

It was a bibionide bug. Increase 400x

The butterflies of the warrior. Increase of 100x

The wings of prayers. Increase 400x

Chloroplasts in herbal cells. Increase 1,000x

A child of evidence. Increase 40x

Clover pass. Increase of 100x Some cells contain dark red pigment.

Grounders. Increase 40x

Chloroplasts in algae cells. Increase 1,000x

Blood mask. The colour of the Romano Azur-eozin. Increase 1,000x In the photo: Eosinophile against the background of erythrocytes.

Blood mask. The colour of the Romano Azur-eozin. Increase 1,000x In the picture, on the left, monocy, on the right, lymphocyte.

To buy

The theater starts with the hangers, and the microscope from the purchase of equipment, and above all, the microscope. One of its main features is a set of accessible increases, which are determined by the increase in ocular and objective.

Not every biological sample is good to look at with a big increase. This is related to the fact that the more optical system increases, the less sharp. Consequently, the image of the uneven surfaces of the drug will be partially washed. It is therefore important to have a set of objects and oxycles to monitor the increase from 10 to 20 to 900 to 10,000x. Sometimes, it is justified to increase 1,500x (Oculation 15 and objective 100x). More increases are pointless because smaller parts do not allow the wave nature of light to be seen.

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