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Academic Experiments For Children Of The Show

Шоу для детей - Шоу мыльных пузырейOne way of having fun and having fun is to visit with the kid one of our amazing kids show. Ice flowers, dried with lightning, miniature explosions, and huge soap bubbles will salute even the smallest players. And an hour and a half will fly like one moment!

Incredible show for kids at Quarki Museum

Mouse Bubble Show.

Giant and barely visible, circumcised in a vortex or easily cherished in a few dozen centimeters above the ground, our soap bubbles can impress not only children but adults! Come on in this show for the kids, make the beautiful bubbles and feel like a real soap miracle.Шоу для детей - Тесла Шоу We're mobiles and ready to run a soap bubble show in the Lower Novgorod, and not just this show on your holiday at the exit, even at your house.

Tesla Shaw. The Lord of Lightning was called the great scholar Nicola Tesla, the richness of electricity and the author of many of the most unusual installations. !IMG_6373 Preparing for a ferocious sight: the thrilled electrical levels and the most beautiful halfs prone to darkness will not leave a little sight indifferent.

Adults and children since 6

Nitrogen Crowe.

Fantastic on the beauty of a liquid nitrogen show goes through a real winter fairy tale. Our leaders, the real masters of their business, will turn the roses into the delicate ice in one moment, show how the nails break and demonstrate a fascinating trick with the sinking of liquid nitrogen. Each one of you will learn to fill a frozen banana with real nails in a tree! And you'll be surprised by the bright finale on the Nitrogen Crio Show.3b30102325e0a4570d05b00c4a0644ac The Cremonster will create in your eyes a giant, cold cloud that emerges from a powerful but safe explosion of a mixture of liquid nitrogen and boiler. Don't miss the most popular show for kids in Lower Novgorod!

Adults and children


You want to know how much air weighs? How do you get the water up? How do you shake a bottle without your hands? And a lot of other things that ordinary air can do around us. We invite you to participate in the experiment show, where you will not only see, but also test the power of atmospheric pressure.

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