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Adult Experiments

Different numerals for children and adult children - kitchen experiments

imageRecently, I was writing about the release of the third book from the Smart Nauka series, which was announcing the Experiment in the kitchen. And today, I officially invite all the hackers to participate!

And you don't have to hide for your age, even if you can already call him "almost." I am convinced that all people are divided into two categories: children and adults;

Conditions of the competition

  1. Starting necessary select any 2 food experience From "Friday Science."
    If someone doesn't have our books yet, I've put out some sort of turns with experience at the end of the post.
  2. Repeat these experiences and take off the interesting video with them.
    Parents, grandparents, wife, children, neighbors and their relatives can all help in filming and installing a roller.

    • Video duration of 1 to 5 minutes
    • The roller should start with the words "Hi! Ivan Ivanov. Here's my food experiment specifically for Prostop Science.
    • Don't forget that music and titra can really steal any video.

imagePresents to all participants

Without exception, all participants are entitled to well-deserved gifts. On our part, we promise the fourth volume of the book Smart Science, which is expected to come out in November. In addition, our friends from the Gurmayor company will provide the participants with the strategic reserve of the macaron. You can choose both a child's series and an adult.

Super prize for the winner.

As a result of the competition to be launched on 10 October 2014, the Super Assault will reach the highest of all the experimenters. What's gonna happen, we're gonna keep a secret for now, but I'll just say the prize will definitely like the hyke of any age;

Competition experience

In the event that there are no books in hand, we can use these turns and a couple of videos:
image image image image

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