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Child-Sensitive Chemistry

Careful physics: experience for children. pneumatics

Опыты по физике - духовое ружьеContents:

Spring holidays are approaching, and many parents are thinking about how to take children? Home experience in physics, for example, from Tom Tita's Tests. Amazing mechanics is a great time for junior schoolchildren. Especially if the result is such a useful thing as a spiritual weapon and makes the laws of pneumotics clearer.

Sarbakan is a spiritual weapon.

Air is widely used in various modern technical devices. It employs vacuum cleaners, inflates car tyres and uses in spiritual guns instead of powder.

Spiritual gun, or sarbacan, is an ancient weapon for hunting that has sometimes been used for military purposes. It is a pipe of 2-2, 5 metres long from which miniature arrows are ejected under the air emitted by the shooter. In South America, the islands of Indonesia and some other hunting sarbacans are still used. A miniature of such a spiritual weapon you can make on your own.

What will be required:

  • plastics, metal or glass tube;
  • needles or garments;
  • Physical or painted bruises;
  • isolent;
  • Scissors and threads;
  • Small feathers;
  • Pool;
  • matches.

Experience. The sarbakan shell will serve a plastic, metal or glass pipe 20 to 40 centimetres and an internal diameter of 10 to 15 millimetres. A suitable tube can be prepared from the third knee of a telescope or ski stick. The tube may be removed from the sheet of hard paper, woven outside for the strength of the insulated.

Now one way to make arrows.

The first way. Take a string of hair, for example, from a painted or painted brush, one edge of a tight tread. Then put a needle or a pin in the knot. Close the design by washing the insolent.

Way two. Instead of hair, small feathers can be used, such as pillows. Take a few feathers and refill their remaining ends with insulation directly to the needle. With knives, cut the edges of the feathers by the diameter of the pipe.

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