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Domestic Pressure

Personal experience: domestic wine preparation

Личный опыт приготовление вина в домашних условияхThis section describes my modest personal experience of domestic wine and other alcoholic beverages with their hands. Here you will find not only valid prescriptions of domestic wine, beer, tidal, moon and alcohol, but also detailed descriptions of all actions with numbers and commentaries.

For in the home I used a lot of different fruits and berries - malina, grapes, cherries, black tubes, oranges, but most of all I liked the wine from the black rag, so it's been reported in years with different prescription variations. Patience, aromatic, saturated dark-breed color, and also contributing to a reduction in the arterial pressure, you can make this wine with your hands at home. A minimum of equipment, a very low-cost black fruit, sugar and a little patience is all that needs.

For each recipe preparation of wine householdas presented in this section, you may withdraw or ask a question. Once you've been in a state of custody, your withdrawal will be published, and the answer is received.

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