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Domestic Matching Experience

Household experience for children between 2 and 11 years

научные опыты с детьмиWho said physics and chemistry only started in high school? The beauty of these sciences is even very small children. If your young chemist or physicist can't speak yet, he can be involved in fascinating experiments. And then more, with every year experience getting more exciting and more complicated, so you can start at any age. But before opening your home lab, it is worth remembering a few simple rules: in the laboratory, there must always be order before and during and after the experiment; be careful in handling reactors, flammable liquids and bulging objects; all experiments must be conducted in the presence of adults, in the vetted room and in strict instructions. There are a lot of home-grown physics and chemistry manuals now being sold, but experience from such publications is either not available or requires serious reactions. We have collected scientific experiments that are safe, accessible to children by age, and adults do not require special reagent procurement.

Two years. Living spiral

научные опыты в домашних условияхWhat you need is paper, scissors, heat source.

This experience always surprises the kids, but in order for him to be more interested in two-year-olds, it can be matched with creativity. The paper has to cut the spiral, along with the kid, paint it so it looks like a snake, and then go to revival of a paper snake. It's very simple: the source of heat needs to be located down there, it may be a burning candle, an electrical plate (or a bare surface), a stitch up the sole, a filament lamp, a dry dry pan. On the heat source on the rope or wire, put the spiral zmeik. In a few seconds, it will revive: it will begin to rotate under the influence of warm air.

Three years. Rain in the bank

What you need is a three-litre bank, hot water, plate, ice.

Through this experience The three-year " science " could explain the simplest phenomena of nature. The bank has about 1/3 to pour hot water, better burn. The cans put a plate of ice on the pot. And then, it's like nature - the water's evaporated, rising up in the form of a couple, the water's cooling up and the clouds from which the real rain comes. In a three-litre bank, the rain will be a half-two minutes, then the water will be cold. And be careful with hot water!

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