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Domestic Experiences For Children

Domestic chemical experience for children


My personal experience in chemistry has shown that science such as chemistry is very difficult to learn without any initial knowledge and practice. The schoolchildren are very often launching this subject. Personally, she watched a 8-grade student with the word " chemistry " , starting to stare like a lemon ate.

Later, it turns out that because of the indifference and lack of understanding of the subject, he went to school secretly from his parents. Of course, the school curriculum is designed in such a way that the teacher should give a lot of theory to the first class of chemistry. Practice would go back to the second stage, when a schoolgirl is still unable to understand whether he needs this subject in the future. This is primarily related to the laboratory equipment of schools. In large cities, the case is now better with reagents and instruments. As far as the province is concerned, 10 years ago and now, many schools do not have the capacity to conduct laboratory activities. The process of studying and entertaining chemistry, as well as other natural sciences, usually begins with experience. And it's not an accident. Many famous chemists, such as Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Paracels, Robert Boyle, Pierre Kyuri and Maria Sklodovsky-Kuri (all of these school researchers are also studying in physics) have started experimenting since childhood. The great discoveries of these great people were made in the home chemical laboratories, as chemistry in institutions was accessible only to people with sufficient resources.

And, of course, the most important thing is to enquire the child and tell him that the chemistry surrounds us everywhere, so the process of studying it can be very exciting. The house will be here for help. Chemical experience♪ By watching such experiments, you can find an explanation for why this is happening, not otherwise. And when a young researcher faces similar concepts in school lessons, the teacher ' s explanations will be better understood, as he will already have his own experience in domestic chemical experiments and knowledge.

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