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Home-Based Experiences For Children

Household crude egg

The multi-coloured crystals on the eggshell grow very fast. They can be raised in 24 hours. For the experiment, we will need:

  • Number of chicken eggs required,
  • Quasks (may be bought in pharmacy)
  • White glue,
  • The color of different colors.

Egg must be cleaned and dry. Smuggling the surface of the shell with glue and whipping quas. We're gonna have to rest for a few hours, best night.

Once the shell is dry, we'll move to the next stage. We're building a painter bag in two glasses of water and putting an egg in it. If, for example, the egg was planted in a solution in the morning, the crystals will be visible by night. The longer the egg is in the solution, the bigger the crystals. Take out the crystal egg carefully - the wet crystals are quite fragile. You'll have to wear gloves to protect your hand skin.

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