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Amazing Experiments Of Children

Space as a game: 5 amazing space experiments for children

Book author "Your scientist." Helen Becker (sighs)Mann, Ivanov and Ferber(d) Invites parents to have a real Space Day for children with amazing space experiments. I bet all the boys and girls who took part in them want to become cosmonauts?

Orbit Movement

Space looks like a rubber film. Different objects make it bending and deforming. The greater the mass of the object, the deeper the fall on the tape. When a smaller object (e.g. a planet) moves past a larger (e.g. a star), it can be deepened by a gravity field. The smaller object is rolling in the west as the ball rolled into the deepening of the sheets, thanks to gravity.

Why don't the planets and stars face each other in the west? If the planets move fast enough, they won't roll to the lowest point of deepening, but they'll be circling around the edge of the star. Scientists call this focus an orbital movement.

Experiment " Cosmic Valleys "

Do you know there are pits in space too?

Learn this experience to see your own eyes as the space crashes.

♪ Let friends raise a sheet by weight. Put a barney bank in her center. Does the sheet depend on the weight of the bank, forming the invader?

♪ Now, without cleaning the bank, put the tennis ball on the sheet. What's going on? I'm sure the ball goes deeper, closer to the bank. That's how gravity works!

Who's that?

Gravity is a force that attracts objects to each other. The greater the mass of the object, the stronger the gravity of the attraction. Massive objects are planets, stars spark the fabric of the universe, like a can of warrior makes the tissue go up.

The heavy object in the middle of the sheet, the higher the gravity force and the faster the ball goes to the center.

For example, the galc in the middle of the sheet won't lead the ball into a visible movement: it's too light and it almost doesn't bending the tissue. Also in space: bodies with small mass do not affect the movement of other bodies.

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