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10-Year-Old Home Experiments

Third edition of the " Simple Science " series

Книга третья и набор для экспериментовArtikul: 013

Three good reasons for ordering 3 books immediately with a set of experiences: 1. You give the child a book with everything you need, and he can start experimenting in the home immediately after it's received. 2. You save four to five hours of your time, you don't need to search for all the experiments. 3. Buying a kit, you save money.


The third edition of the Sex Science series includes the most interesting experiments for children and will be one of the best gifts for each child.

The kit includes a direct book detailing the various experiences, as well as a special set of components required for the conduct of the domestic experience

Like other child kits for scientific experiments in this series, this kit will greatly save your time and allow for the initiation of fascinating experience for children immediately after the acquisition of the kit.

This children's set, experiments for children will allow your child to have a fascinating experience with electricity, magnets, sound, and to learn a lot of new and interesting optical illusions.

The experiments for children presented in the third book are perfectly safe and can be carried out without any difficulty by having a convenient set of experiences.

The kit is irreplaceable if you want to start experiments immediately after the purchase!

The scientific set for 3 volumes consists of more than 30 names (lightodyna, laser, intact magnets, compass, wires, bulbs, batteries, wires, candles, nails, etc.). All of this is classified into individual explanatory packages and contains instructions. Books and ingredients are packed in a special cardboard box.

The third book collects interesting experiences for children with electricity, optical illusions, magnets and sound. The book is accompanied by a special tape that will revive many pages and be of equal interest to both boys and girls. Although the publication is oriented children 5-12 yearsit'll be as interesting as the older readers as well as the kids who study the book together with their parents.

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