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12-Year Experiments

Book four and experiment kit

Книга четвертая с набором для экспериментовWhy do you have to order a four-book with a test set? 1. You don't give a book, you give emotions and good mood. 2. Savings of 4 to 5 hours of your time, you don't need to search for all the materials for your experience at different stores. 3. Money savings. We only have 17 sets of discounts a month. Pay attention if there's a discount, order the set right now! No sign of this tomorrow. STATUS OF PERFORMANCE

If you're planning on making a child. a truly useful gift - Give him four books from the Sex Science and you. You'll get 100.% target! You and the child will be in a good mood!

The scientific set for volume 4 of the book, Sand Science, comprises almost all ingredients that will be needed to carry out the experience of the book: protective glasses, mirror plastics, gelatin, krona and AA batteries, señodes, klems and wires, stationery supplies, caps, ticks, tampers, tactics, tampers, etc. In total, about 60 names.

The fourth book collects experience with spy stuff, measurements, plants and engine forces. The book will be of equal interest to both boys and girls. Although the publication is oriented towards children of 5 to 12 years, it will be equally interesting for both adult readers and children studying the book with their parents.

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