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To Experiment With Children

Anaarchy experiment: Children and parents can all

In my view, the child should be connected to domestic affairs as soon as possible. Small children can, on their own, walk around the front door, smash the buttons or lightning on their clothes, pick up the toys after the game, wash their hands, etc., and it's already going to be the help of parents in domestic cotton.

As the child grows up, new responsibilities are emerging, but the sooner adults teach children to work, the less they are resisting and the child is better able to cope with simple age-appropriate tasks.

My son is five years old, and we've had everything in our family, and the strength of the superpowers and the tactics, and of course the inspiration. But at one beautiful moment, I met the child's reluctance to do anything other than what he wants: "I don't want to clean the toys, you need to clean up. I want to play the phone. That's where I came to propose to the child to install Anarchy in the family, when in the family we're all gonna do whatever we want and nobody's gonna force anyone. The kid took this idea of admiration several times asking if he could really do whatever he wanted. I said the house doesn't have to be burned, but, yeah, you can do whatever you want.

I warned him that dad and mom would do whatever they wanted to do, but he didn't pay attention to it. I guess I shouldn't... My son was happy and wanted to live like that.

The experiment started at 2:00. During the day, the child did everything he wanted (under the law of the Russian Federation). Parents were also received accordingly. Each director himself. He was playing, walking, taking the toys he wanted.

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