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Extensive Experience In Biology

модель клетки кровиRed balloons are erythrocytes, they contain red whites that help to transport oxygen to all the cells of our body.

White small balloons are trombocytes. They create a sample like that when blood vessels are damaged.

White large objects are leukocytes, they serve to protect our body from harmful invaders (bacteria and viruses).

Explain how a general blood test is being conducted for which a drop is taken from the finger: in a spoon, we get a random number of balloons (this is the test drop of blood) and we're pouring into a cup. We're counting how many improvised eritrocytes, leicocytes and trombocytes were found.Материалы для изготовления клетки Let's make it clear that if there's not enough eritrocytes, it means a man has little blood, he needs treatment. And if there's a lot of leukocytes, it means that the enemies have been invaded, we need to help him fight them.

We're spreading our blood cells into a large, flat-bed tank, putting different objects in it, depicting an inflammatory cell reaction mechanism. Let the child play with this material, visualize the intrusion of the infectious agent and the operation of the fagocites cells.

We're gonna paint our blood drop on a big leaf. We put cells on it, paint plasma in its normal color, yellow. Repeat all the new information we learned during the class.

Such easy and interesting exercises help a child learn basic anatomical concepts, develop his interest in biology, guide the child ' s thinking into the right path and develop a child ' s more informed attitude towards his or her own system.

Модель клетки крови Рисуем клетку

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