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Domestic Mechanics

Children ' s Library: Feigin Oleg " Practical Science "

Детская библиотека: Олег Фейгин «Практическая наука» 1Since the books that we want to talk about on the first face are more than our reviewers, we decided to gradually complete their ranks. Meet Masha's mother, son of Jaroslav, who will be six years old in the summer and three years old Dasha. They read Oleg Feigina's book, "Practical Science. Amazing experience and domestic experiments from the Phoenix publisher and willing to share their views on the novel. Masha's mom tells me what she liked and what's not so good.

Mechanics, hydraulics, pneumonics and even electricity are tricks that can be created household♪ At the same time, experiments are easily described by Oleg Feigin, a doctor of mathematical sciences and author of numerous scientific and popular books. Experience isn't just described, but it explains their essence, so it can be traced to even a preschool who hasn't studied physics before. It's true that parents are waiting for surprises, but it's a surprising question: "Where do you know it!", about electricity, for example, children say, "Is Fixykov!"

Детская библиотека: Олег Фейгин «Практическая наука» 2The age of potential readers in the book is 6+, which is quite true, but the schoolchildren who already read very well and who can, without fear, be trusted with a pack of bottles, the publication will be even more useful. It's easy to imagine how, during the summer holidays, a little boy's company would be happy to be on the match boxes of fists or aerostats of papirost paper and canners.

To be honest, the book is very inspiring, I think I'm gonna get home, so we're gonna find out about the hydrostatic! But the enthusiasm needs to be done in time, because the houses will have to find a piece of foam somewhere, for example.

Therefore, parents need to be alerted, before conducting an experiment with children, to study in advance the list of necessary items. Otherwise, you'll be in a situation where the kids are sitting in a kitchen table, and you're looking for a bottle that can't be broken (if something) or a linear (who's seen her last? And the kids are left alone with candlelight, matches or pericular knives... So that they don't do any unplanned experience themselves, they'll have to prepare for submission in advance, like a real magician, putting the props in a special bag.

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