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Scientific Experiments For Children Of 11 Years To Buy

Young chemistry, scientific entertainment (teacher kit, 145 experiences)

Юный химик, Научные развлечения (набор для опытов, 145 опытов)How do you interest a child in a chemical? Teachers tend to focus very little on the experimental part. The South Chemistry Science Package will help the schoolgirls to build their own homes with the chemistry experience and encourage them to study the subject more closely. The schoolteacher will learn more about the remarkable phenomena of nature and the properties of different substances.
Why are acids harmful to their teeth? How do you detect acids in gastight drinks? What's the difference between drinking soda and washing? How do we clear the water from the impurities? How do you assess the quality of soap and shampoo? All this can be understood by experimenting with a set of South Chemistry episodes. You'll find detailed guidance and recommendations on safety technology in the kit. The Young Chemistry kit will help the child to be careful, observant, careful. No laboratory work will be scary for the tester, and chemistry will be his favorite.
A self-sustaining experience and analysis of the results give the child the experience of this scientific activity. Learning to be Chemical experiments substances, the child will easily transfer this skills to other sciences and fields of knowledge. The substances seen in the experience of interaction will be well remembered by the child and will be much better understood than the dry theoretical story of the teacher or the textbook. With the experimental chemistry, the child will be much better understood and theoretical. Good basic knowledge of chemistry will help the child in many other fields: physics, biology, medicine, etc.
Even if the child ' s future skill does not have anything to do with chemistry and science, strong knowledge of chemistry will necessarily be useful to him in his life. Knowing the chemistry, a man can self-evaluate the dangers of domestic chemistry (makes, paints), can dig up the medical charlatan or simply solve the small household problems (having stains on clothing, gluing details).
But the most important thing is, working with the Young Chemistry kit will bring your child and you a lot of pleasure and joy.

The "South chemist" test set includes:
(Charter may be a little different from what you find in the box, because the South Chemicals is constantly improving)

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