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Interesting Experience In Biology At Home

Science, biology

Занимательная наука. Биология (Jewel)Are frogs breathing under water, and if so, what? And why would the tiger need stripes to hide? Who? You don't know? Let's find out! Come in, don't be afraid.

In an amazing lab located in the crown of a huge tree, Aunt Rosie and her assistant are the cunning crow. They know about tigers and frogs, and a lot of things! They'll tell you what they eat, why they grow, how all living creatures move and communicate on Earth.

Rosie's already prepared a lot of wonderful experiments where you can see everything with your eyes. Watch how the flower grows in the desert or how the Hameleon color changes! Just be careful, Rosie's gonna want to check your knowledge! Let's go to new wonderful discoveries!

The new interactive encyclopedia from Dorling Kindersley will study biology with a fun game. Funny characters, interesting experiences and fascinating information will help the boys to learn a living nature and learn to appreciate and love it.

The programme provides detailed guidance to children, parents and teachers, so it will be easy and pleasant to all without exception.

Encyclopedia is for children aged 6 to 12.


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Product characteristics:

  • 32 interesting experiments to help explore the basis of biology
  • 20 experimental descriptions household
  • Training mini games and victorines

System requirements:

  • Microsoft web Windowsit 98SE/2000/XP
  • Pentiumyo II 266 MHz
  • 64 MB operational memory
  • 25 MB free on hard drive
  • 3D-videoadapter with memory of 32 MB
  • Sound device 16 battles
  • 8-speed CD reading device

CD-ROM " Close science. Biology (Jewel)”
1 CD
Strichcode: 251

Dorling Kindersley, 2007. All rights are protected.

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