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Excellence For Children In Domestic Settings

New products for children - kits

Представляем новую продукцию для детей − наборы для занимательных опытов «Волшебные химические опыты от «Крисмас+»
" Magic Chemical Experiences from Crismas+

These kits are a unique development that has helped to encourage children to participate in their own chemistry activities since the age of 8. Experience can be conducted in both school and school household♪ Each set contains bright and knowledgeable but not difficult experience.

The following sets are already available for acquisition:

  • " Staining " ;
  • Golov Gorgona;
  • Excessive blood;
  • Letter from James Bond;
  • Shining lava.

The range is constantly expanding. Ask for further information from our managers and keep an eye on the Crismas+ official website.

The work on recruitment contributes to:

  • To develop research skills and capacity for self-sustaining experiments;
  • Promoting interest in science, focus and observation;
  • Preparations for participation in project and research activities in basic education, presentation of projects at all Russian and international level;
  • Enhancing thinking and creativity in learning;
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of training on integrated learning and education indicators (performance, learning time, motivation).

All of the above are provided for by the federal State educational standards of the new generation.

Each set contains all necessary materials to carry out the experience of dishes, accessories, a red illustrated instruction with a detailed algorithm of scrutiny and a passport.

The kits do not contain dangerous and toxic substances. The proposed experience is fully secure, subject to the basic rules described in the instruction and the work under adult control.

These kits are interesting, knowledgeable and yet low-cost gifts for any child, including New Year.

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