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Experiences For Young Children In The Home

The experience for children in the home is a miracle!

Опыт для детей в домашних условиях – настоящее чудо!Kids always attracted physics. Experience in the home environment will help to familiarize themselves with the laws of nature and learn a lot of new and interesting. It's not necessary to wait for the school rim. This lab can be arranged at home. Even with preschool babies, games that do not require special skills and adult training can be organized. However, it is not necessary to forget the safety of children and to conduct them only under parental supervision. Then we can avoid situations dangerous to the life of the child.

Опыт для детей в домашних условиях – настоящее чудо!Turn the clouds.

Such elementary experience in a kindergarten will necessarily come up with the love of the kids. They can create a real cloud themselves. That's why we need to pour hot water in the trillion bank. After the attack, we need to put ice cubes on top of the bank. When the air inside rises up, it starts cooling. The vapour in it is condensed, resulting in clouds. What about the rain? The drops that heated on the ground are looking up. It's where they squeeze each other from the cold, creating clouds. When they meet together, they grow, they get very heavy and fall. It's raining.

Опыт для детей в домашних условиях – настоящее чудо!The volcano on the table.

This experience for children will be done by mom, a magician at home. This will require a " magic stick " , which should be manipulated by the spell, and the eruption will begin immediately. The secret of this trick is very simple. It's enough to add a soda in ordinary water, a gashing vinegar. Only sodas should take a lot. To make it look very realistic, you can put a real volcano together with the baby. After that, we need to get a hole in it, put some soda in it, and then we're going to get a little bit of a vinegar. In a while, the sight will be fantastic, and the volcano will start foaming. So the guys will see how acid interacts with the cheek and see the reaction of neutralization.

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