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Simple Experience For Children At Home

Different nucleus simple-science is simple experience (Digest #25)


Today at #25, experience for children:

  • silver egg;
  • The best gyroscope;
  • water needles;
  • The needle in the haystack and the simple eletcromagnetic;
  • Cold water and hot water mixing;
  • The water is turning the image.

In experiments, adults are at risk of fascinating and falling into childhood!

The water's turning the image.

Signing on new videos is on the Web site or looking at the Children and Adult Children Test site.

Paper book idea

And I would like to take this opportunity to annoy the pleasant news that we are about to publish the electronic version of the book.Lessons for children" . The castle is in the middle of a distance, the video is almost out. But we were offered to publish a paper book and try to raise funds to print it through a cruise platform.

We're confused! One thing is an electronic book that doesn't require us to spend but our time, another case is a paper book with all the consequences that follow. The publication of the book in a hard copy of A4 format and the circulation of dvd-discs to the book requires more than 380.000r. We would like to ask you to assess this idea for realism and, who is already willing to participate in the publication of the book, write it in commentaries or in a book.

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