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How to automate home processes by

Я люблю свою собаку: познакомьтесь: I sent Alex Bogdanovich, Belarus.

The country's life is full of rites, which I really want to automate. And if you're a software engineer who falls in love with automation, you can't just walk past the bay, the pet cars and open the garage gates at work.

Today, it is a question of how, with the help of non-chet electronics, housework can be automated and watched with interest by sitting in the chair and drinking coffee.

I want to ask the community not to accept the system as "smart house/home" as many people like to do it. They're all beautiful marketing words. It's beautiful for sale, but it's not real. Smart automation, yes! Smart and above all, budgeted. Automation with small costs. Let's drop hundreds of dollars off and see how low-cost devices can deploy an entire automation system. household

I won a competition in spring with a few ideas that were in the process of implementation. I've taken second place, and I've been offered to implement the ideas of the FGS + Neotechnician competition, which produces wireless devices. There are many interesting and detailed articles on the noolite system.

The experience that I want to share will help many pioneers in this interesting area.

Well, no video. It's better to see one time than to hear one hundred times:

imageSR211-2K0 for garage gate management

I bought myself a Chinese "an-motors" drive, and I'm so happy! But progress is not on the spot, a constant panic to lose the chip from the drive and to tie the logs doesn't impress me. Yeah, and I want to open the garage next door from work without coming home in the middle of the day or opening the garage to mine if they forgot the keys at home.

It was decided to cut into the gate electronics. The well-being of the 21st century and any technician associated with the gate transmissions enables any other external control devices to be connected.

imageThe video link was quick to show you the opportunity. I'll put the cabbage on it later. In general, the principle is simple, there are two contacts, lock them up, the controller of the transmission performs the team, open the door.

Nothing's new, but the sides look great!

image image image image

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