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Journal of physics world took stock of the year

The Physics World magazine has produced a list of 10 critical experimental and theoretical results obtained by physics in 2011.

The most discussed physical topics of the leaving year were the search for the Higgs bass, whose range of permissible masses has already been reduced to ~10 GV, and the registration of neutrino, which, according to the OPERA colonization, has moved at a super-light rate. However, these studies did not participate in the selection process, as the chemical particle has not yet been detected and OPERA data appear to be insecure.

After the deletion of the two main news of particle physics, a quantum mechanic was on the top of the plan:

Physics World recognized the article published in the Science Journal on measuring the impulse of photons.

To assess the importance of this work, it is necessary to recall the principle of the uncertainty of Heisenberg, which prohibits the simultaneous and accurate determination of the position and speed of the quantum particle.wavefunction.jpg Such a limitation makes it impossible to establish a single particle trajectory permitted in classic physics. The proof of the truth of the Heisenberg principle is the experience of Jung, where the light is directed on a width with two parallel slots behind the screen: it is not possible to determine the cheek of the particle (i.e. to measure its coordinates) and simultaneously to record the effects of interference on the screen (may be considered to be equivalent to the measurement of the impulse). Corporal (particle trajectory) and wave (interference) properties complement each other in the quantum system description and cannot be observed in the same experience as the Bor principle of complementarity.

The recently considered simple thinking experiment shows that the traditional wording of the principle of complementarity is not entirely correct. The " weak " measurements considered for the first time in 1988 provide an opportunity to prove this in practice.

trajectories.jpg ngck.jpg mirrorhu.jpg kamiokande.jpg

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