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Stone Experience At Home

Charlatans and liver cleaning: my home experiment

Шарлатаны и чистка печени: мой эксперимент в домашних условиях

As we know, the best result is pre-planned, rather than using different bleachers. 'Cause if a man just tells him that he should be relieved of a urine urine or a dried back foot of a Mexican gun, he might actually feel better. It might not work, especially for sceptically motivated people. But if you give a person any real evidence that can not only be seen, but can also be felt, it can shift the balance to the " healer " .
There are many ways in which children demonstrate the obvious result of " clean-up " and the withdrawal of " slags " , " toxins " or " stones " . Okay, some bowel cleaner pills contain a polymerizing component that turns excrement into something like plastic, so when you see a huge rubber fecal snake sliding in the toilet, you feel that the purchase of pills was entirely justified. Detox-plates for feet overnight become brown, and manufacturers say it's because of the toxins and slags they pulled out of your system. But the substation in their products has nothing to do with the slags, it's banally decorated in brown from the sweat. We need to remember the hemoscan.Шарлатаны и чистка печени: мой эксперимент в домашних условиях Citizens practising them, in particular, are unfamiliarly exploited by natural processes that take place with a negative drop of blood. The caps are gradually drying, the irritoccites are glued and eaten, and the patient hangs onto the ears about acidification syndromes, blood toxins and other horrors. And he's willing to believe because he sees it with his eyes. Remember the hillers? When they've got a bird out of their hands, which represents an unfettered spirit in the body.

Charlatans and liver cleaning: mine domestic experiment

The liver clean.

Or there's a bladder cleaner. An extremely popular class. Why? 'Cause I've had to hear how this morning, in the pottery, there's a lubricant of unnatural color that declares those slags, an obsessed jelly that smashes the flow and bladder, or stones. And try to convince a man that you don't have to clean the liver. That's the result! Sensible and actual. They're all allergic to cancer. And they even show the results of the " kicking " of all those who wish to:
Rocks in the rock after the liver clean.

One of the most effective is the cleansing of the liver on Andreas Moritz. This "guru" healthy lifestyle died from liver cancer in 2012 for only 58 years. In his book, he recommends that liver cleaning not only be done for people who have harmful habits of tobacco and alcoholism, but also for those who use salt, sugar, chocolate, yogurt, late supper, use toothpaste and even watch TV; The author argues that there is a natural way to heal and prevent greedy illness, simple and accessible to everyone. The same author is an anti-vacinator... and so on. Full package, shorter. Disrespectful readers, you've already drawn attention to the fact that a man usually has a whole set of ZLUs, that is, they rarely go on one? Usually, this is combined in cleaning, chakry, anti-vacinator, compulsions and diets, plus a lot of other things.Шарлатаны и чистка печени: мой эксперимент в домашних условиях Syndrome, though.
Maurice cleaning requires apple juice, grapefruit juice, olive butter (up to 600 ml!), magnesium sulfate (over 50 grams) and a Greek to the right sub-section. Of course, healthy and not very human beings are experiencing liver pains after such a procedure. Moritz himself commented on this: a patient can even feel the stones moving through an enlarged sulphate of magnesium fluxes. Trampled patients think pain and nausea are normal. Molly, nausea starts because after the jelly drops and the stones in the bowels, she starts bleeding. So nausea and headache, you poison your toxins yourself.


1. The stones obtained can't even theoretically pass through the bladder. In the standard, according to the LAPD, the internal diameter of the choled is between 2 and 8 mm and in the widest part not exceeding 8 mm.
2. The stones recovered are different from the glued stones: they are soft, often incorrect, floating in water and lack crystal structure.
3. Chemical analysis of rocks. In fact, for doctors, such stones are long overdue. That's where the authoritative journal contains a study of these stones: Could these be gallstones? (laughs):

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