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5Th Class Experience At Home

Battery-based crafts:

The length shall be such that one end of the strip can be touched by the positive end of the battery and the other by the minus. Now the central part of the strip is to be made thin, i.e. to create a narrow circuit there (about 2 mm wide). That's almost all.

Find the flat surface, put something rapidly burning on it (e.g. dry mos, if you're in the woods) and plug that material into the folg. In our experience, we've turned a typical candle into a barrel.

Now, if we connect the stripes to the fields of the battery, we'll have a flow on the strip, it'll start warming up, and the paper layer will burn. He's burning up in county seconds, so we need a stripe to touch the burnt material and he's caught.

If you only have a common folga, the method will work, too, but it'll take longer until the hot folg burns the mos or the vatus directly.

Electrical cases

The secret of magic is very simple. The battery fields are connected with short circuits; the metal foil(s) is multiplied by a multiplier flow from which the conductor heats. In the narrowest place, i.e. two millimeters, heating is enough to rock metal and burn the paper layer.

By doing this. domestic experiencethe upper part of the voilga glass should be carefully “scared” for better fire. Watch out, the battery poles are scattered with experience. Well, batteries aren't a toy to children!

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