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Home Experience For Children

What to do at home with a kid, fun experience for kids.

опыты детям2Children love learning something new, experimenting and experimenting with new things. Undoubtedly, such classes are very useful for child development at all ages!
I want to offer you some interesting and fun experiments that you can do. home with children
1. A jumping egg.
We're gonna need a vinegar, egg, cup, spoon. Put the egg in the vinegar for 2-3 days. You will notice that the shell will be completely dissolved. The egg has become a surgeon like a rubber, you can try to drop it from a little height and it won't break.)

2. Magic ink.
We'll need lemon, water, toothbrush, plate, white paper, lamp. We laugh lemon juice with water, then we put a toothbrush in there and write a message on paper. There'll be nothing at first. We need to heat under the lamp (or microwave) a piece of paper, and we'll see how magic ink is dark and it gets visible.

3. Elementary molecules. We'll need toothpicks, berries, your taste. Connect the toothbrush and berries to get the molecules, then enjoy the baby with the chemically delicious.

4. Love lamp.
We're gonna need a bottle, water, butter, an alka-selzer pill (or another spike), a food painter. Fill 3/4 bottles of oil, the rest of the water. We'll close the bottle and wait for two separate layers. Put the pills in small pieces and put them in the bottle. Watch the results.

опыты детям5. Make candles. We're gonna need a candle from the wax, wax, fat thread, pot, glass, kitchen plate. We need to untie the pets and the candle in the pot on a small light. We'll laugh to make it look beautiful. We put in a glass of strings and we pour a wax. If the glass is paper-based, you can make a hole on the bottom and so attach a thread (downstick or tape). If the glass is glassy, to secure the thread, we need to tie it to the stick we'll put on the top of the glass so that the thread stays exactly as long as we pour into our wax. We're waiting for the wax and the candle is ready!

6. Colour milk.
We're gonna need milk, fat, dishwasher, food colors, plates. We'll put milk in the plate, then we'll drop the painter in the milk. Add the dishes and watch the paints move. For a child, it will be a very fascinating sight!

7. Sands.
We're gonna need corn chips and water. We're laughing the ingredients to the meda Consistence. Let's give the kid and let him try to put his hands in there, move them around the circle first quickly, then slowly, let him feel the difference - how this mass responds to speed with his hands.

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